About Tony


I  am a born, and raised New Yorker, the proud American son of  immigrants. My late father was the first Dominican  American member of the New York State Bar in 1956.  My family continues  the legacy of service to the community as Attorneys. 

I graduated with a  BS in Labor Relations from Cornell University,

and later with a JD from Brooklyn Law School. I have over 20 years’ progressive experience in food & drug law, specializing in nutrition, health, global trade, economic development, and nonprofit advocacy. In addition, I am currently serving on the Village of Ossining Zoning Board of Appeals 

I know the challenges and opportunities we have from a career spent working to  improve people's lives, facing those challenges myself,  and making  the system work, especially when it too often fails. I will  make sure Albany hears us from the 38th  District in the State Senate.